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When you are surrounded by some of the planet's most spectacular landscapes in the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains, it is hard to not be inspired to create your own slice of paradise in your garden.

With stunning eucalypt forests, epic bushland and a national park over 300,000 hectares in size, there is no shortage of thriving landscapes in the Upper Blue Mountains.

If you are searching for a local Blue Mountains landscape designer to transform your plain patch of garden into an iconic landscape that upgrades your outdoor lifestyle, you are going to love the services we offer.

At Dapple Landscape Design we are committed to creating unique outdoor spaces for you. No matter the size or scope of your project, we have the expertise, creative nous and horticultural insights to craft the perfect space for you. Our gardens are designed to thrive in the Blue Mountains climate. We love this region of Sydney and consider it a joy to beautify even the smallest patches of gardens in the region.Modern 3D Garden Design

Call us today on 1300 DAPPLE (1300 327 753) to bring your dream garden to life!

Explore our services today:

  • Landscape DA Plans
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  • Hardscape Plans
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Turn your garden into a functional and beautiful outdoor space custom-designed for your lifestyle and personality. Simplify the construction of landscaping project with our professional and highly-detailed landscape plans.

Artfully Crafted Landscape Plans

It doesn't matter whether you want a garden for relaxing, entertaining, meditation or to add maximum value to your property, at Dapple Landscape Design we can bring your vision to life. If you are ready to reimagine your stock-standard backyard into a unique landscape to help you enjoy a real Australian outdoor lifestyle, our team is ready to assist.

With a vast base of satisfied clients throughout the Blue Mountains, we can confidently proclaim that we are the #1 Blue Mountains landscape design professionals.

We work with you to visualise the finished landscape so that you can adjust sections, materials and details.

Good design feels right. It thrives. It is effortless.

When you engage our services we promise professional and courteous service. We take pride in offering class-leading design services with first-rate customer service.

While we predominantly undertake small to medium-sized residential projects, we can also undertake commercial and mixed-use projects.

Blue Mountains Garden Plan 3D Model

Affordable Landscape Designs

We offer cost-effective services. We offer clarity in our prices so there is never any nasty bill shock. Check out our latest prices on our Services/Prices page.

It doesn't matter if you would prefer an on-site or online consultation, we can adapt our services to suit your needs. With an open dialogue and exchange of ideas, you will never regret engaging our award-winning garden design services.

Do you have any questions about our landscape design services in the Blue Mountains? Please don't hesitate in contacting us on 1300 DAPPLE (1300 327 753) today. We would love to get started in creating a unique garden to upgrade your property value and outdoor lifestyle today.

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Climate & Growing Conditions

The Upper Blue Mountains is truly a mountainous area by Australian standards. The terrain is dramatic, with sandstone cliffs a feature in some areas, deep valleys and large plateaus of land where most of the population lives. As your local Upper Blue Mountains landscape architects, we are passionate about making your garden thrive.

The Upper Blue Mountains area - for the purposes of this website - starts at Bullaburra and ends at Mount Victoria.

Its climate is cold according to Australian standards, so plants need to be able to deal with frost, snow and a short growing season. Winters are long and cold, while summers are short and mild.

Upper Blue Mountains rainfall averages at almost 1400mm per year which is very high. Plants that are suitable to this climate do very well. Temperature extremes range from 37 deg in the middle of summer to a freezing cold -8 deg overnight in the dead of winter.

Select plants featured on the Sydney Landscape Designers Plantfinder from Zone 1 & Zone 2. Some plants from Zone 3 will also cope with the climatic conditions of the Upper Blue Mountains, but consideration needs to be given to the plant's ability to cope with the cold winters experienced in these areas.

Garden & Landscape Design DA Requirements

All the same council conditions are applicable for the Upper Blue Mountains as are with the Lower Blue Mountains.

If you are going to construct a new development over 50m2 a landscape concept plan is required to be submitted to the council.

If you are building in an area that is classified as Living Conservation, Living Bushland Conservation or an Employment General zone then you will be required to submit a landscape plan as part with your submission. Contact us to find out more.

Some general council development controls relating to your backyard garden design can be found at the following link:

Blue Mountains City Council Development Control Plan


Upper Blue Mountains Suburbs We Service

  • Bulluburra
  • Wentworth Falls
  • Leura
  • Katoomba
  • Medlow Bath
  • Blackheath
  • Mount Victoria

Contact us for a free quote. Call 1300 DAPPLE (1300 327 753) or email info@dappledesigns.com.au