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At Dapple Landscape Design we offer a full range of landscape design services from backyard concept designs, Council DA Landscape plans for new houses through to upscale garden designs for clients with large budgets. Our team has extensive experience in avenues of landscape and garden design. We provide the right combination of technical/construction techniques with creativity to produce garden the flow beautifully and are easy to look at. No site is too difficult for us to create your dream garden.

As with most people prices are important. So that's why we cater for everyone.

Please view our list of inclusions below and tell us which landscape plan package suits your needs.

1. da/cdc/developer approval landscape planS - ENQUIRE FOR PRICE

  • 1:100 / 1:200 detailed landscape plan to suit council/developer regulations
  • Detailed plant list with a link to our plant profiles
  • Landscape specification showing details on how to install different aspects of the garden
  • Planting details and retaining wall details where required
  • Site calculations
  • No onsite consultation included

Why choose this package?

These are our entry level designs and are most suited to those who are building a new home and require something affordable and simple to get their project approved and over the line.


Backyard Concept Design
  • 1:100 / 1:200 landscape concept plan with a simple yet creative layout of your garden
  • Detailed plant list with a link to our plant profiles
  • Tree planting details
  • Materials list and quantities
  • Onsite consultation and measure

Why choose this package?

This is for your typical backyard renovation that doesn't require any approvals. Its a garden concept that you can easily construct yourself in your own time.

3. upscale landscape design & 3D package - enquire for price

  • 1:100 / 1:200 detailed landscape plan with specific hand-picked materials
  • Planting Plan
  • Mood Board
  • Lighting design
  • Materials list with quantities and photos
  • Detailed plant list with photos
  • Planting details
  • Construction details
  • An in-depth onsite consultation
  • 3D Concept
  • Perspective Images
  • Flythrough Video
  • Interactive 3D Model

Why choose this package?

This is specifically for those have a construction budget of at least $100,000+ and want a very detailed design that will be constructed by a professional. The principal designer Julian Saw will personally meet with you and also prepare the landscape plan. The end result will leave wanting to showcase your garden in a magazine.

3D models will help you accurately visualize the garden and its particularly useful if you have a hard time reading two dimensional plans. It'll leave no surprises as all elements of the project will be visibly represented. Think of art hanging on a wall or details in steps. It would be hard to show these elements in 2D and that's where 3D models excel.

Check out one of the latest 3D Models below or on our Instgram page!

fill out the form below and tell us what package you're interested in. One of our experts will be in touch straight away!

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