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The Best Plants for Sydney Weather

There is an abundance of beautiful plants at your fingertips in Sydney, with various colours, textures, sizes and smells. From tall palm trees to delicate orchids, there is something to please everyone.

With such a wide range of choices, creating a breath-taking garden is a joy. However, it can also be a little tricky to decide on which plants to use in your garden! Our Australian landscape designers can assist you in making those decisions and bringing your dream garden to life.

When choosing plants for your garden, there are a few factors to consider, such as where the plant originates from and what kind of weather it can survive in. If you are interested in designing a sustainable garden, the flora you choose would ideally be native or from similar climates.

With its stable climate, Sydney is an ideal place to enjoy gardening to the full. Due to the mild winters and warm summers, plants can thrive all year round! However, there are still obstacles to overcome, such as humidity, storms, and droughts.

In order for your garden to flourish, it is vital to choose plants that can survive in these unique conditions. Here are just a few of the best plants that are ideally suited for Sydney weather!

Water Gum (Tristaniopsis Laurina)

Also known as the ‘Kanooka’ tree, it is a species native to Australia. This tree is an excellent choice for a Sydney garden, as it enjoys full sun. It can also tolerate drought and light frost periods, allowing it to stay happy throughout the seasons!

It grows attractive yellow flowers during the summer months. In addition, it requires very little pruning, so it is also an excellent option for a low-maintenance garden.


This beautiful shrub is a plant native to rainforests and open habitats of Australia. It is long-flowering and hardy enough to withstand Sydney winters. It can bring a pop of colour to any garden, as many Grevilleas produce flowers all year. It also loves to be in full sun, meaning it can survive well throughout the hot summers!

Yellow Buttons (Chrysocephalum Apiculatum)

As well as having a charming name, this groundcover is evergreen, with pretty yellow flowers that can add depth and colour to your garden. This perennial plant is native to southern Australia. It enjoys sunshine, can withstand dry periods, and light frost, making it another perfect plant to use in your Sydney garden.

Cordyline (Cordyline Banksii)

This fantastic leafed plant is native to Australia. Its shocking electric pink colour is sure to add some wow factor to your outdoor space! Its spiky appearance also brings extra texture to your garden design. It is evergreen and can endure frost and periods of dry weather. There are other varieties of Cordyline available, which you can discover using our plant finder!

Wax Flower (Crowea Exalata)

This elegant shrub originates in southwestern Australia. It is an excellent fit for Sydney weather, as it can cope with dry spells and low amounts of frost. They grow quickly and can reach up to heights of six feet! This shrub produces attractive pink flowers for most of the year.

Climbing Guinea Flower (Hibbertia Scandens)

This climber is another great choice for the Sydney climate. Sometimes known as ‘Snake’s Vine’, this climbing plant is native to Eastern Australia and loves full sunlight. It can also tolerate times of drought. In addition, it produces lovely yellow flowers during springtime that are sure to brighten up your garden!

Red Flowering Gum (Corymbia Ficifolia)

With its intriguing appearance, this medium sized-tree can become a natural feature in any garden! It is also a plant that is endemic to Western Australia. These fantastic flowers come in various colours, and although they only appear during summer, the tree itself is evergreen. It thrives in full sun, is tolerant of droughts, and can even hold up against frost in the winter!

Black Rose Succulent (Aeonium Arboreum 'Zwartkop')

This eye-catching exotic succulent is an excellent addition to your garden. Aeoniums are originally from places such as North Africa, Madeira or the Canary Islands. Although not native to Australia, these plants are very hardy, accustomed to hot, dry weather, making them well-suited for the local climate. They even have a measure of frost tolerance, enabling this plant to make it through the Sydney winter!

The flowers of this shrub bloom in an intricate rosette shape, and when exposed to full sun, the leaves will turn from a lush green to this deep burgundy-black hue.

Flannel Flower (Actinotus Helianthi)

This groundcover plant is another that can grow very well in Sydney weather. It loves the sun and can survive if faced with periods of drought. It is evergreen and can be located in the bushland of Sydney. With its silver-grey leaves and white flowers with a pink centre, it makes a beautiful addition to your flowerbeds or borders.

Snow in Summer (Melaleuca linariifolia)

This plant is an Australian paperbark that originates from New South Wales and parts of Queensland, that produces these unique little fluffy white flowers during summer, which gives the enchanting appearance of pure snow resting on the top of the plant! It is evergreen so that it can survive all year, and it also copes with frost and dry periods.

Building Your Dream Garden

Hopefully, you now have a few ideas of which of these excellent plants you would like to include in your garden. Our expert Sydney horticulturists are more than happy to assist you in finding more long-lasting and attractive flora to spruce up your outdoor space!

At Dapple Designs, our landscape designers have extensive horticultural knowledge and a great understanding of native flora and local weather. As a result, they can help create a low-maintenance garden that you can enjoy during any season.

Our Australian landscape designers create stunning gardens and provide an extremely high standard of customer service along with it.

No matter your budget, style or garden size, Dapple Designs are committed to assisting you in achieving the outdoor paradise you desire.

Our highly skilled landscaping team based in Sydney can make your dream garden a reality and incorporate plants that will bring beauty to your home all year round!

Contact us today on the form below or call us at 1300 DAPPLE (1300 327 753) and find out how we can help.

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