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Established in 2013, Dapple Landscape Design is a local Sydney-owned business. Julian Saw, lead designer and company director, has an eye for detail, an intimate understanding of the principles of horticulture, and a high level of customer service and commitment, making Dapple Landscape Design a prominent business in the landscaping industry.

  • Award-winning landscape designs
  • Consulting services suited to your needs
  • Affordable rates
  • Australia wide service

Julian and the Dapple Landscape Design team are focused on creating exquisite gardens and unique landscapes that showcase your property while giving careful consideration to nurturing and supporting the local environment and eco-systems.


Entrusting your landscape design or garden renovation dreams to a team who possess the skills and experience in horticulture is crucial to the initial and continued success of your garden. You may have a clear vision of a rainforest oasis but your outdoor space is situated in a dry or semi-arid area with minimal annual rainfall. A landscape architect can turn your vision into a well-designed concept for your space, but if it's not backed by the science of horticulture you may invest thousands of dollars and many hours, only for your garden to never fully establish because the vision is not in harmony with the local environment.

A horticultural consultant understands the relationship between plants, the environment, micro-organisms that reside in the soil and how they all depend on each other. The result is a a garden that is not only impressive but will also flourish, growing and enduring to its full potential. The Dapple Landscape Design team of highly-skilled professionals have the experience and thorough understanding of the principles of horticulture to ensure the beauty, environmental harmony and longevity of your outdoor space.

4 Reasons Why A Horticultural Consultant Is Vital To The Success Of Your Garden

  1. Expert knowledge about plants - their selection, uses, cultivation and care. Do you want plants of a certain colour or fragrance? How about plants for shade or screening? Bird-attracting? Having the aid of a horticultural consultant to suggest the right plant for your requirements as well as turfing and lawn options, will create a garden that is truly suited to you.
  2. Thorough knowledge about the local environment - The climate, terrain, soil type and other regional variations will also influence plant positioning and selection. A horticultural consultant can offer soil advice and implement soil improvement methods using fertilizing, composting and mulching. Our consultants can help create a low-water-use garden and can offer suggestions for using water efficiently, which is often a top priority in Australia. A garden designed and managed with the local environment factored-in will ensure your garden continues to prosper.
  3. Design skills and practical expertise - your garden space has unique needs that require unique solutions. Perhaps you need a low-maintenance garden or pool landscaping that creates privacy, a horticultural consultant has the ability to blend exquisite design with practicality.
  4. Complete Garden Maintenance - detailed maintenance care and ongoing support are essential to keeping your garden in pristine condition. A horticultural consultant has the skills and knowledge to tackle such things as lawn care, pruning, pests and disease, fertilizing and weed control. The team can create a maintenance plan that is simple to action so your garden can continue to be a beautiful and healthy space.

Call Julian today on 1300 DAPPLE (1300 327 753) to discuss your project and start the design journey for your unique space.


No project is too big or small. Julian and the team provide the advice, ideas and planning tailored to your special space. Each step of our process has been carefully developed to ensure our landscapes and garden designs meet your requirements, style and budget. From a garden renovation to a new home to a showcase landscape design, we are happy to provide a landscape package plan that can include:

  • A detailed landscape plan to suit council/developer regulations
  • Site calculations
  • Detailed plant list with a link to our plant profiles
  • Landscape specifications for installation
  • Soft Landscaping and Hard Landscaping services as required
  • Material list and quantities


The consultation is the foundation of your project. We want to completely understand your vision and assure you that your ideas will be central to the final design of your garden or outdoor space. To meet our client's needs we offer both onsite and online consultations. Dapple Landscape Design is based in Western Sydney and services the Greater Sydney Area providing an in-depth onsite consultation option. We also provide online consultations for property owners all over Australia. All you need is an internet connection and any associated paperwork which may include contour surveys, house plans and photos. Experience the creative expertise and first-rate customer service of Dapple Landscape Design from anywhere in Australia.

From the initial consultation to site hand-over Dapple Landscape Design provide the complete package - award-winning design supported by the science of horticulture and a team of professionals with the skills and practical experience to create a garden or outdoor space that is not only aesthetically on point but will also flourish within its given environment.

Call Julian today on 1300 DAPPLE (1300 327 753) to discuss your project. Julian and the team create stunning landscapes and gardens that are designed to thrive.

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