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In a city of man-made designs and masonry construction, there is nothing quite as refreshing as coming home to a beautiful green space. A garden offers a therapeutic quality that can’t be replicated outside of the natural world no matter the size or shape of the space.

Have you been musing over a small garden design for your balcony space? Are you too busy to invest time in garden maintenance but still want the benefits of greenery in your home? Whatever your objective, at Dapple Landscape Design, we are committed to providing customers with stress-free gardening solutions at affordable prices.

We are your local landscape design experts!

Flowers In Small GardenNo Garden Too Small

At Dapple Landscape Design, the size of your garden or budget in no way diminishes our approach to your project. In many cases, the unique constraints posed by a compact garden actually make for a more complex and challenging design project.

At Dapple Landscape Design, there is no job too small, and we welcome the opportunity to play a part in your small Sydney garden project.

If you’re looking for a low maintenance, “could grow in a desert” type cactus garden, or you prefer a more elegant manicured design; our team is ready to put their extensive knowledge of plants and products into realising your garden concepts.

So where are you in the garden design process?

Whether you’re still in the research phase or you're well along in the design process, give us a call on 1300 DAPPLE (1300 327 753) and put our knowledge and expertise to the test.

As gardening enthusiasts, we enjoy talking about our work! Call us on 1300 DAPPLE (1300 327 753) to discuss your project today!

Feel free to bounce some ideas off of us. More importantly, we love to help our customers to realise their dream garden and how they can achieve it.

We’re excited to collaborate with you on the why, where, what and how of your small Sydney garden design. For those who are wondering what we mean by that statement, here’s an explanation:

Landscaped GardenWhy?

Why do you want a garden in the first place? Are you after a calming space to unwind after a hard day at work? Do you want to improve the vibe in your outdoor entertainment area for your guests? Are you looking to add value to your investment property? Knowing the answer to the “why” questions will shape your end-result. It is the key to coming up with a well-rounded garden design concept that doesn’t “sit on the fence”.


Where is your proposed small garden? Is there plenty of natural light or is it tucked away in a shady corner? If it is on a balcony, which way is the balcony facing and how many hours of sunlight does it get each day? Here in the southern hemisphere, southern light gives the most prolonged sun exposure, so south facing aspects are usually preferable.

The level of sun exposure largely dictates the options of what plants you can use, so knowing the answer to the "where" question is essential. With an extensive knowledge of available plant species and what thrives in your location, we’re well equipped to point you in the right direction with some viable plant options. Email us at info@dappledesigns.com.au with a description of your garden space and our Sydney landscape architects will be more than happy to get back to you with some ideas.


What kind of garden are you looking for? Do you like plants in pots or in garden beds? Are you a bonsai enthusiast or do you prefer large plants in small spaces? Do you love trees with big leaves or do you prefer smaller foliage and more of it? After Googling or Pinteresting for some ideas, make a short-list of your favourite plant genres.

Once you’ve nailed down your preferred styles, the next question is, will they thrive in your proposed location? Give us a call on 1300 DAPPLE (1300 327 753) to confirm which ones are most compatible with your garden. With an intimate knowledge of Sydney’s climate and conditions backed up by years of experience, we’re confident that we can give you some quality pointers.


Once you’re well along in the design process and you have a solid concept for your small garden, you’re ready for the “how” question. You know exactly why you want it, where it will be and what style you are going for. Now the technical questions and practical roadblocks start popping up.

You may never have known the complexities involved in quality landscaping until now. If you’re at this point, don’t let it intimidate you. At Dapple Landscape Design, we can navigate you through the tough “how-to” questions like:

  • How am I actually going to get this done?
  • Who will prepare the designs?
  • Can I get a 3D model first before I invest too much time and funds?
  • How much does a quality 3D model cost?
  • Do I need council DA (development application) approval for the project?
  • If I need council DA approval, what is the first step to getting them?
  • How much will council DA approvals cost me?
  • Is it a sure thing that my garden design will be approved?
  • Who will handle the hands-on work?
  • How can I develop a good planting plan?
  • How much is the project going to cost me?
  • How much are the future maintenance costs going to be in both time and money?

The "how" questions are endless! Our team of experts will work with you to define all of these variables and more.

House Plan With Garden North Sydney

If you’re just starting out on your Sydney garden design journey, visit our garden design prices & packages page for a detailed breakdown of the various packages and services we have to offer. At the very least, this will give you an inkling into the potential scope and cost factors involved.

You may also be pleased to see our surprisingly fair rates. For those who prefer talking to a person to answer these questions, don’t hesitate to call us. We can even arrange to send someone out for an onsite consultation and appraisal of your proposed garden space.

Committed to the Success of Your Small Garden

At Dapple Landscape Design, we relish the opportunity to design green spaces that complement your compact Sydney lifestyle and bring the natural beauty of a garden to your backyard or living room. We are not interested in cookie-cut, mass-produced landscaping solutions.

Our goal is to enhance the strengths and minimise the constraints of your unique space through creative, responsible and practical landscape design.

Our company director Julian Saw and his talented team are confident that Dapple Landscape Design can help you make your small Sydney garden design a reality.

Let us enhance your space through quality design and creative flair.

With the skills, knowledge, expertise and creativity to tackle even the most complex project, you can be confident that we will deliver.

To contact the principal Sydney landscape architect visit the contact us page.