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Designing your garden is a fun and exciting process. However, the journey is full of big decisions, the most important one being ‘What garden style is best for me?’ Many find it a challenge to decide on a particular design or theme for their garden.

Your garden should be a place that you truly enjoy spending time in. When choosing a landscape design style, consider your favourite hobbies and interests. Do you want a garden where you can simply relax and read a book? Are you an active person who wants a place to play sports or a pool to swim in? Are you a food enthusiast who just loves to get out the bbq and have an al fresco dining experience? Whatever your personal preferences, we can create the ideal garden for you!

Once you have a few styles in mind, you can even mix and match your favourite aspects to blend together your perfect outdoor space.

Our experienced landscape designers are experts in creating beautiful gardens that are both stylish and practical! Each aspect of your garden can be completely tailored to you. Contact us today to get started creating your dream garden!

If you are struggling to decide which landscape design ideas are best for you, take a look at just a few of the gardens we have already successfully designed and see which ones inspire you!

Quaint Countryside

If you love colourful flowers and lush green shrubs, then this could be a great style option for you! This style is ideal for homes of any size.

Depending on how high-maintenance you want your garden to be, this natural, flower-focused style can be as tidy or overgrown as you desire. Of course, our landscape designers will give you all the help and advice you need to maintain your beautiful garden after it is finished!

In this garden, we see how this stunning and quaint pergola has been included to provide some added character to an already exquisite and colourful garden. It also makes a great place to sit, read a book, or drink your afternoon coffee!

Outdoor Living

At Dapple Designs, we are experts in creating dynamic and functional garden spaces, perfect for those who love to spend a lot of time outdoors!

Outdoor living has become increasingly popular in recent years and is simple to incorporate into any landscape design plan. With generous patio space and comfortable seating areas, your garden can become the perfect place to eat a meal, entertain friends, or simply relax after a busy day.

Well-chosen outdoor lighting, or even a firepit, results in a space that can be utilised all day and all year long!

Our experienced landscape designers can create a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors so that your garden feels just like an extension of your existing living space. Contact us today to find out how we can transform your garden!

Elegant and Charming

If you are looking for an elegant and classic-looking garden design, then these style ideas could be helpful for you.

The most important way to achieve a classy and luxe design is to ensure everything is neat and in its designated zone. Carefully placed tidy hedges add colour and privacy to your property, while well-chosen flowers on or around the windows and balcony add extra charm to any design.

It’s usually recommended to stick to more minimal colour palettes for this style. But of course, when designing your dream garden, you are in charge, so choose what works best for you!

If a classic and elegant garden design includes a lawn, it should be well-maintained and symmetrical. Our trained landscape designers can help you maintain your lawn to ensure it stays at its best!

You could incorporate a water feature such as a fountain for an extra' splash' of elegance. Not only are these features extremely classy and beautiful, but the relaxing sound of trickling water will create peace and tranquillity.

Poolside Paradise

Do you want your garden to feel like a 5-star paradise resort? Well, look no further! A garden that is focused and built around a stunning pool can create that luxury holiday feeling every single day.

At Dapple Designs, we have mastered the art of pool landscape design to create a breathtaking centrepiece for any home, big or small. With perfect lighting in and around your pool, this luxurious garden style can be enjoyed day and night.

A poolside deck or patio provides the perfect place to relax between dips in the water. With spacious sofas and comfortable sun loungers, you’ll have a garden area that you never want to leave!

Our landscape designers will use their expert horticultural knowledge to hand-pick the best flowers, trees and shrubs that will grow and look the best around your pool. Get in touch with us using our contact form if you’re ready to start designing your garden oasis!

Modern and Low Maintenance

If extravagant garden designs are not for you, then why not consider a minimal and modern route?

Minimal colour palettes, symmetrical shrubbery, well-maintained lawns and perfectly placed pathing create a sleek and modern feel.

This landscape design style is especially suitable if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. This simple and clean-cut design creates an effortless style but is still extremely easy to maintain.

Our Sydney landscape designers can work together with you to design a garden that will look smart and beautiful, no matter how much time you have available. Then you can spend more time relaxing and enjoying your fabulous new outdoor space!

Professional Landscape Designers In Sydney

If you’re feeling inspired to start designing your perfect outdoor space, our professional landscape designers are ready and waiting to help you!

The Dapple Design Team have a thorough understanding of horticulture and years of experience to guarantee your garden's longevity and exquisite harmony.

You can choose one landscape design style or incorporate your favourite aspects of various designs to build one that is perfectly suited to you! Our friendly and experienced landscape designers are on hand to guide you through the entire design process, providing advice and assistance wherever needed.

Of course, depending on the climate and condition of your garden, certain styles might not be right for it. In this case, our horticultural experience is extremely valuable in assisting you in choosing a style that will work best for your garden so that it looks radiant all year round!

If you are interested in designing your dream garden or need help caring for your existing property, get in touch with us today! We provide our garden landscaping services and professional advice all across Sydney.

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