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AvoidING Common Garden Design Mistakes!

Designing your dream garden is a wonderful process, resulting in a great outdoor area for you to enjoy. There are so many options to choose from and styles to incorporate!

However, there are some pitfalls you will want to avoid to ensure you achieve your ideal outdoor space. Our garden design experts in Sydney have more than ten years of experience and have seen the various errors many have made in their landscaping process.

This article will highlight some of these common mistakes people make when designing their garden and how you can avoid making them as well!

Not Planning Ahead

Many people make a mistake right at the beginning of the garden design process by not planning things in advance.

Designing your garden is extremely exciting. Therefore it can be tempting to just jump straight into the action without overthinking. However, a little bit of forward planning will go a long way to guaranteeing you are satisfied with the outcome.

If you don’t have a solid vision of how your garden will look once you have finished, you may end up with a space that doesn’t suit your lifestyle or your home. You may also find that you mix different styles or trends that do not match well.

The best way to avoid making this mistake is to plan carefully in advance and not begin any landscaping work until you are sure you are happy with your design. This way, you will ensure that the final result will make the best use of space, suit your style, and look fantastic!

If you are nervous about creating a plan for your garden, our Australian landscape design experts will be pleased to assist you.

Not Making the Most of Available Space

As briefly mentioned in the previous section, another common error often made when designing gardens is not making the most of your space. This problem is especially significant if your garden is not very big. If you don’t plan properly, you may end up making your garden look smaller than it is.

In addition to careful planning, adding the right amount of elements to your garden and using borders to create different sections can prevent your garden from looking small or over-crowded.

Our landscape design team can assist you and make the best use of the space available to create a comfortable and inviting garden area for you to enjoy.

Losing out on Light

How much sunlight each section of a garden receives is a common factor that is often overlooked when designing a garden. For example, some have positioned a beautiful dining area on one side of their outdoor space, discovering too late that this part of the yard only receives sunlight in the morning!

To avoid making the same mistake, consider how much sun each part of your garden receives throughout the day and plan your design accordingly. That way, you will maximise your potential enjoyment of the sunshine. It will also aid you in choosing where to position certain plants so that they have the best chance to not only survive but thrive!

Not Utilising Borders

Borders are handy tools in garden design that are often forgotten. The correct use of borders can provide a natural divider between different sections of your garden and create beautiful symmetry and balance.

Make sure to incorporate some stunning floral borders into your design to add a crisp, clean and tidy feel to your outdoor space.

Separating the Garden From the Home

Another mistake that is regularly made is treating the garden and home as two separate areas. This often results in outdoor spaces that do not blend naturally with the home because they have been designed in completely different styles.

Take the time to analyse the design of your home. What is the theme? Which colours are used the most? What kind of style defines it?

Use the answers to these questions to create a unique garden design that blends perfectly with your home. Matching the outdoor style and colour palette with your existing home decor will evoke an incredible sense of flow and harmony from the inside right through into the garden.

Lack of Planning When Planting

There are a wide variety of options when it comes to which plants we use in our garden. Unfortunately, many make the mistake of simply picking their favourites and then planting them randomly. However, this can lead to a garden that is either too busy or too bland. It can also result in plants positioned in the wrong location and therefore not growing well, if at all.

To avoid these problems, it is vital to do thorough research before purchasing or planting any flowers. First, make sure that the style of the plant will fit in with your chosen garden style. Then consider where you will grow it to receive the correct amount of sunlight, soil and water it needs to flourish.

It is sometimes best not to use too many different varieties of plants in one area. Using neutral shades with pops of colour is also an excellent way to add character while maintaining a cohesive look to your flowerbeds.

If you are confused about which flowers to choose and where to plant them, our landscape design experts are ready to help.

Too Much Lawn

When we think of gardens, many immediately think of large areas of lush green grass. Although a well-kept lawn can add beauty to your outdoor space, they are not always essential!

You can attain an attractive garden with little or no lawn required. And less grass results in easier garden maintenance, as you no longer need to spend your precious time mowing large areas of lawn!

Not Asking for Help!

Of course, one of the essential aspects of ensuring a mistake-free garden design is enlisting the help of a professional landscape design company!

We provide exceptional landscape design services in Australia, with various options to suit your needs and budget.

Our highly skilled garden design team in Sydney are committed to helping you create the garden of your dreams and avoid these common errors that detract from the beauty of your outdoor area.

Contact us today on 1300 DAPPLE (1300 327 753) to start designing your perfect garden!

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