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Flowers and shrubs are simply beautiful and essential in providing colour, texture and interest to your outdoor space! Fortunately, there is no shortage of options to choose from when landscaping your garden. From delicate flowering shrubs and green ferns to hardy succulents and prickly cacti, you can always find a plant that suits your garden.

However, when it comes to choosing plants for landscaping in Sydney, it’s not always as straightforward as choosing any plant that looks good. There are many factors to consider, such as your local environment, climate, and soil conditions. Selecting plants that are well-suited to your garden can be a challenge! So how do you choose the best plants for your Sydney garden? The advice of our Sydney landscaping experts can help!

This FAQ will consider the climate in Sydney, what different soil conditions you may come across, and how these factors may affect your plant choices. We will also look at how to grow native plants and share a few plants that are ideal for Sydney landscaping. Let's get started!

The Climate

If you want your garden to flourish, it’s vital to choose plants that can survive in your local conditions.

Because it is so close to the coast, Sydney has a humid subtropical climate, with mild winters and warm summers. This makes it an ideal location for gardening! Despite this relatively pleasant climate, though, plants will still need to withstand potential periods of drought, humidity, mild frost and storms.

Poor plant choices could lead to diseases, pests, or early death of plants because they cannot withstand high temperatures, drought or frost. Therefore, it is vital to choose plants carefully, selecting ones that can cope with varying temperatures and weather types.

Our Sydney landscaping experts can provide further advice on your garden's local climate and which plants are best suited to it.

Soil Conditions

Another vital factor to take into consideration when choosing plants for your garden is what soil conditions it has! Each plant has its personal preferences for soil type, and in order for it to flourish, it must be planted in the right type.

There are two main soil types in Sydney, sandy and clay.

Sandy soil is made up of sand particles. This kind of soil is easy to dig and drains well. There are many native Sydney plants that thrive in sandy soil.

Clay soil comes from volcanic rock and shale. It usually contains a lot of nutrients but does not absorb water well.

Some soils will be a mix of both sandy and clay. Some plants can only grow in one type of soil, whereas others can thrive in either type. This means it is essential to find out what kind of soil you have in your garden in order to choose the right plants that will flourish there. Our Sydney landscaping professionals can help you identify what soil type your garden has and choose the perfect plants for it! Contact us today for a FREE consultation.

Growing Native Plants

If you are looking for plants that suit Sydney's soil conditions and climate, then there is a wide variety of native plants available. These local plants also provide homes for native insects and animals. Some native plants flower all year, so you can have beautiful colours in your garden no matter which season!

Growing native plants is quite simple. When planted in the right conditions, they need the same basic care as other plants. You can have an entirely native garden, or mix it with other plants that you love, as long as they are well-suited to your location.

Perfect Plants For Sydney Landscaping

Here are just a few of the many plants that thrive in Sydney gardens! We will see why they are so great for the Sydney climate and what garden conditions suit them best.


Bottlebrush plants are not just beautiful, but they are also extremely adaptable. You can grow them to whichever size suits your garden, whether it’s a shrub, hedge or tree. They grow bootle-brush-shaped flowers that are usually red in colour but can also come in white, mauve or pink variations.

It is perfect for Sydney weather because it can tolerate dry periods during summer, and light first during winter.


Correa plants are excellent native flowering shrubs that are tough and simple to maintain. Its stunning bell-shaped flowers attract lots of birds and insects. Their delightful flowers begin to bloom in late spring or during summer and are white or yellow in colour.

Correas are tolerant of dry periods and frost. They grow exceptionally well in coastal areas of Sydney and can grow happily in full sun or partial shade.


Cordyline is a tall strappy leafed plant that is native to Australia. It is easily identified by its vivid dark pink and pointed leaves. It is evergreen, so it can thrive in your garden all year round! This plant is extremely hardy, enjoys full sun and can tolerate drought.

Because of its rich colour, Cordyline is perfect as an accent plant for your garden.


This bright red medium strappy leaf plant is native to Sydney. Its flowers bloom during warmer months. Therefore it thrives in sunny parts of the garden. These plants prefer sandy soils and need good drainage. They are drought-tolerant and can handle light frost in the winter too.

These plants are quite low-maintenance and grow quickly. If you prefer blooms of another colour, this plant is also available in other shades, such as orange, yellow and purple!

Professional Landscaping In Sydney

We have just looked at a few plants and why they are great for Sydney gardens. But there are so many more! With the proper landscaping knowledge and attention to detail, your garden will bloom with beautiful flowers in no time.

Our experts in horticulture and landscaping are ready to help you choose the best plants for your Sydney garden! At Dapple Landscape Design, we have an advanced and thorough knowledge of horticulture alongside many years of experience.

If you are interested in finding out what plants will work best in your garden and would like the assistance of our expert Sydney landscaping team, get in touch with us today! Our landscaping services are available across the entire Sydney region.

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